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Blazing a Trail to Sweet Success

Love at First Bite

When our Head Pixie, Gary Wishnatzki first tasted a pineberry, he knew it was something that could take the U.S. by storm. White strawberries (a close relative to the pineberry) are already very popular in Japanese culture. They are so enamored with them in fact, that people pay $10 for ONE white berry! Thankfully, the University of Florida developed a new variety that we call Pink-A-Boo® Pineberries , just in time for you to taste this season (and for a lot less money). Wish Farms is blazing a new trail by growing something radically new for most Americans, but this isn’t the first time someone took a chance on a crazy looking fruit.

Fear No Fruit

One of our heroes is Freida Rappaport Kaplan.   She first introduced the “Chinese Gooseberry” to the US in 1962. Sounds kinda gross, huh? Well, she renamed it the “Kiwifruit” and I think you might know where this is going. She also brought sunchokes, spaghetti squash, jicama, starfruit, dragon fruit, ghost peppers, purple sweet potatoes, and more to your table. She was a true pioneer in the produce industry, and we applaud her for her vision! Learn more by watching Fear No Fruit, a documentary about Freida. We just know she would tell you to give Wish Farms Pink-A-Boo® Pineberries a try!

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