Introducing, Pixie Snax! All of the Fruit, Without the Mess of the Juice - Wish Farms

Introducing, Pixie Snax! All of the Fruit, Without the Mess of the Juice

Parents on the go are always looking for the next great healthy snack for their kids. Wish Farms was looking to cut food waste by doing something with our extra berries during the harvest season. Pixie Snax is a match made in heaven!

Every season, our farm has excess berries that we can’t find a home for. This makes us sad because we hate wasting the fruits of our labor. We always donate as much as we can to local food banks, but it’s usually too much. To solve this problem, Wish Farms set out on a journey to put those berries to good use and create an entirely new product.

We puree all of those delicious strawberries and mix them with  just four ingredients: Low sugar organic dates, bananas, mangos and oats. After that we mold them into fun shapes, place them in the freeze drier and… voila!! We created a fantastic snack that your kids (and you!) are sure to enjoy. Not only do they taste great, Pixie Snax packs a one-two punch with fiber and vitamin C.

Now for the cherries on top…Wish Farms is a fourth-generation family-owned farm based in Plant City, FL. Other freeze-dried snacks source cheap berries from overseas. Have you checked their labels lately? Rest assured, Pixie Snax only uses USDA Certified Organic berries grown right in the USA!

Wish Farms is the brand you can trust and feel good about serving to your kids because we treat your family like our own. Speaking of feeling good…The Wish Farms Family Foundation is committed to giving back to our community. A portion of every Pixie Snax sale goes toward our mission of hunger relief organizations and youth education. Wish Farms believes everyone deserves to eat healthy and be happy!