ABC Action News Covers Wish Farms Massive Covid-19 Donations - Wish Farms

ABC Action News Covers Wish Farms Massive Covid-19 Donations

Let’s face it…times are weird, uncertain, unsettling and a bit scary. While many businesses are forced to close…many lean and rely on other essential businesses and services to keep them going through these tough times. Finding comfort in food and caring individuals that strive to give back to their community is what really inspires us to continue doing good for the world.

Wish Farms has donated over 240,000 pounds of berries (and counting), which is about 9 1/2 semi truck loads full to organizations all over who are working hard to uplift their community. The need for fresh food is certain and great and we are trying our hardest to step up and fill that need.

ABC Action news covered this story and wanted to share with their viewers the GOOD news that’s happening despite the virus.

One quote that really sticks with us from the story is from one of our employees, Nick Wishnatzki.

“Now more than ever it’s important that people are eating fresh fruits and vegetables because it’s really going to be the things that boost our immune systems to get through this.”